Frequently asked questions

What are the different hair "Studios" in shop?

The hair "Studios" respresent our hair grading system. The M and Raw Studio hair are of the best grade and part of our high quality collection. E Studio is mid grade hair for the girls who want quality but like to have a variety of styling options. The B Studio hair is our most affordable collection, while also providing a certain level of quality.

Can I get a refund on my booking fee?

Yes, you may recieve a refund if you cancel 48 hours prior to the time your appointment. If cancelled after this time frame we can, unfortunately, not offer a refund.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

All clients are required to come washed, dried, and ready to braid. Unless these specific services have been booked prior to your appointment.

Do I have to book a consultation?

Only if the service specifically says "consultaion reqiuired". However some consultations can be held over the phone, and will not require a booked appointment. Please contact BEM for further info

Do I have to book the detangling fee?

A $20 detangling fee will be applied for any client who shows up unprepared. Unprepared hair would include wet hair, dried/ shrunk, matted, dirty/ full of product, and tangled hair. To prebook detangling or washing for your appointment please add this service to your appointment while booking.