Beauty in people comes from the sincerity we find and the inner love for oneself that reflects on the outside. “Beautiful people” possess an authenticity and inner love for themselves that exuberates a light and a positive energy. In this industry, we have the power to create a reflection of that beauty. 


With my passion for hair and love for people, the two together have manifested into my own personal ministry. This ministry is the foundation from which I am building my career. I want to not only be successful in my business, but as well be able to look back over my career and know that it was truly meaningful to society.


I want to make others feel beautiful on the inside by creating an outward style that is uniquely them; while fulfilling my own life’s purpose and passion. Maintaining healthy natural hair with every install is our number one priority at BEM Hair Production. I Love natural hair, and I love Black hair. If I can teach my Queens and Kings about their natural hair and assist them through their healthy hair journey, I feel that I can create a movement in this industry that helps its participants to grow their own self-love. That will be my greatest contribution. 

B E M Hair Production

Our mission at BEM Hair Production is to use our skills and talents in the industry to connect and become a positive contribution to the lives we touch. We will work to create an environment that not only promotes, but encourages individuality, acceptance, and self love…so that we, along with God may advance society in our own way. Every move we make in our careers here at BEM Hair Production, will be an effort to move this industry in that direction.